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For over 15 years, River Valley Roofers LLC has been Northwest Connecticut's trusted roofing repair and replacement source. We offer warrantied roofing systems for traditional asphalt shingle roofs and also for standing seam metal roofing, EPDM (rubber), cedar, and silicone roof coatings as well. We are licensed and insured to do residential and commercial roof work in Connecticut, and we will take care of your permitting requirements as well.We are a full service roofing company that offers small batch quality. If that's what you're looking for, call or text!


A superior integral seam design and quick installation thats the hallmark of the DMC 550S panel. This expertly crafted interlocking roof system provides a powerfully protective weathertight seam. The finished results deliver a substantial measure of quality and style thats certain to stand the test of time.

Ideal Application

Commercial Applications
Residential Applications
Available widths:

12", 14", 16 or 19"*
*Drexel Metals design pressures, wind uplifts and test reports are for specific deck attachments, material gauges, clip spacing and panel widths.
Substrates available:
Galvalume 24ga
Drexlume 24ga

Product Options:
Factory made or field rolled to exact lengths
Optional: striation, beads, pencil ribs

Can be installed over open frame steel purlins, or over plywood decking and Drexel Metals MetShield underlayment.
Minimum slope 3:12
Minimum Roof Pitch: 3:12 low roof pitch

In accordance with UL

UL 580 Wind Uplift (Class 90)
UL 2218 Class 4 Hail Impact
UL 263 Fire Certification
UL 790 Class A Fire Rating
UL Environmental SRI Third-Party Verified
Finishes and product warranty:

Available in a variety of coatings and colors by AkzoNobel. See the (This should link to the color chart) for standard colors and paint specifications.
Galvalume Substrate:

High-performance painted metal roofing product, carefully tensioned leveled for superior flatness.
35 Year Warranty
35-Year Non Pro-rated PVDF Paint Warranty
Drexlume Substrate:

Mill finished Galvalume with a two-sided, clear acrylic finish.
25 Year Warranty
25-Year Non Pro-rated Drexlume Warranty (Acrylic Coated Galvalume)

Silicon Poly
PVDF Coated
PVDF & Galvalume
Warranty Data
Gold Warranty Cover Options
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